Monday, January 24, 2011

Grey Gardens. As first told in 1917.

The song to 'Grey Gardens'. A true story HBO film depicting the lives of Edith Bouvier Beale (Little Edie) and her mother Edith Beale (Big Edie). How a woman born with so much promise, came to a sad, reclusive life.  Jacqueline Bouvier, (first lady and Kennedy's wife) was her first cousin. Not that having close ties to the first family mattered so much, just a little something to point out.

So the song, composed by Rachel Portman, called 'Little Edie on a chair', is somewhat similar to the soundtrack from the movie 'Up'. The Disney film, the one with the whiny old man and chubby wilderness explorer kid. Anyway.

I love the soundtrack to Grey Gardens. It really captures both Little Edie's eccentric sense of humor and the sadness of her life.It proves the unbreakable but painful bonds between mother and daughter. But you gotta see the movie to really understand what I'm talking about. And Drew Berrymore stars as Little Edie. Berrymore portrayed her perfectly, I couldn't ask for a better choice of actress, she nailed it. Drew's the definiton of method acting. I HART YEW.

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