Monday, October 5, 2009

Mahira On-The-Go!

I have been so busy and caught up with homeworks and assignments, it took me one whole month to realize that I hadn't posted anything. Presentations align, overflowing homeworks and assignments, too many to keep track off. Besides that, I've my own articles and datelines to own up to. I am a writer for Matrics' editorial board, our college's newsletter. Alhamdulillah, it's been great working with them, I might even score the post as editor.
Things are so stressfull, especially my law class. There's a lot of reading and writing that needs done, knowledge of the country's jurisdiction and hierarchy of politics that needs to be stored into my memory. I really hope I am flexible enough to keep everything in line, fixed and together. It'll be even more easier if everything were mapped out for me, or a frozen timeline would just about do it.
Anywho, will update more and more, InsyaAllah, if I've the time. Late for class.

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