Friday, September 11, 2009

Evey Reborn.

It's  precisely 3:20 AM, I'm still up with Ken Follet's 'The Pillars of The Earth", and with Al Martino's sultry olive oil voice accompanying me with his singing, 'To Each His Own', the machine works its wonders by crushing the bones of my sore feet. Nothing beats this. 

Who would've thought, those two cups of coffee I had earlier at the bowling centre have succeeded in keeping me awake till 3AM. The warm, bitterness of coffee intensifies your taste buds as the sensational taste of sugary goodness quickly melts in, leaving you enchanted by the gratifying taste itself. COFFEE.

I thought just those two aren't compatible enough to keep me awake, to my surprise it successfully has. Earlier at the centre, I was secretly plotting; as soon as I reach home, I'll have a quick wash up and straight to bed. Obviously, failed to carry it out obediently. 

I feel so tired.. I feel as though I've been walking the whole day.. oh yeah, I  HAVE! Literally!  One whole shitting week, I've been coming home at 5, thanks to the uptight timetable, which I'm eternally bound to. For at least, 3 months that is.. I am exhausted. 
My mind doesn't function well whenever I'm vulnerable, I feel as though there aren't enough energy left in me to even crawl pathetically to bed.

ok i go to sleeping now. good night. 

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