Sunday, June 28, 2009


Mr Dharmain's class is cancelled today. He's been sick since last week, I assume. I am very, very upset. I was looking forward to his class, and suddenly this happens. I was planning on asking him about the brief lecture on law last week, one he lectured us on. Right now, I'm considering law, the way Sir gave that talk, wowed me, literally. No wonder the law students need to use abbreviation. So many long phrases to learn, buncha Acts, and such.
I say it's pretty interesting, and I wanna give it a nudge. Though, people say, I'm better off doing mass comm, I wanna try my luck.
So with this said, for my second semester, I've been thinking on taking up Legal Studies, along with Public Relation. Insya ALLAH, will be going for Public Relation, or maybe just Journalism.
Ah yes, I can imagine, 8 years from now, I'd be living in a middle-class apartment, strolling along the streets of God knows where with my jacket, and headphones drumming my favourite songs away, got a job as an annoying, snoop-around journalist, though it's awesome.
Trailing off the subject here.
So yeah, anyways, Legal Studies, gosh I sure hope Mr Dharmain will be teaching me that sub. I just realized that, his absence affected me, moderately, though.
Life's great.

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