Monday, July 9, 2012

Something About Mesut Ozil.

I like the way Ozil owns the field. It's just captivating to watch. He's already on the path towards becoming a world class legend. Kinda like Messi. But I hope he won't fall too deep into the depths of fame and ultimate stardom that comes in the form of a seductress. I hope as he plays and performs on the field, he keeps Islam strong, engraved in his heart. So easily can a man fall into temptation of this Dunya. Especially classy footballers with expensivo lambos, ferraris.. they get all of that simply by kicking a ball on some wide green field. Where do I sign up? (hehe.)

I think it's a known fact that this German lad Ozil is not hard to look at, he has fine, decent features as far as good looks go. I don't know about other girls out there, and what it is that they find so attractive about him, but for me personally, it's, when he smiles, and his cheek bones show. I love how that is, I love him because of his wonderfully constructed cheek bones, (Subhanallah..) 

I love how he always looks so calm. I reckon his personality is such, because when I watch his interviews (which are ALL IN GERMAN. and I do not understand A WORDD HE IS SAYING. But it's just so charming the way he speaks, I love hearing him talk.) He speaks very slowly, kinda carefully utters out his words, I just I dont know that's how it looks like to me, I don't know how to say it in a different manner.

Yes. His eyes are very relaxed too. It's so very apparent especially when he laughes. Sharp, alarmed, relaxed all at the same time. Really I mean most people say their too ballsy but I think, next to his cheek bones, his best features has got to be those big gorgeous Turkish eyes of his. Masha Allah. What beauty Allah created... 

Beneath that decent facade, is a stinger. On the field, the gloves come off; he's right, left, then right again, no your other right, he's behind no wait in front of you and the next thing you hear is GOALLL *haaaa fans cheering*

What a player. I hope I get to interview him one day. LOL. Just LOL. 

Okay, Bye for reals. Assalamualaikum.

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