Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whoops, surprise font size!

is it just me or do people become all philosophical and deep in thought and shit when they wanna write stuff while listening to music? Or is it a distraction instead? Ive also just realized that typing with sticky fingers is not only disgusting but also annoying. Oh yeah, note to (not only SELF but also you peeps out tharrr) it is much wiser to eat chips and non-sticky stuff instead of, oh, let's just say, oranges? -while you are typing or playing the piano or just doing stuff with your hands.  [Ya Don't Say...]
And what's up with the heat these days huh? Like the sun is hatin' on us humans. I feel like a freakin' scrambled egg cookin' on a hot sizzling pan that's cookin' in a freakin' oven that's cookin' in the freakin' sauna everytime i walk outside. Now it's like, i gotta remind myself not to dress too... thickly. Don't start talking to me about o-zone layers and whatever science, because i don't need you to equip me with your iknoweverythingthat'sscience facts, because, just, no.
What have I been doing during the hollie...hmm. Been watching a shitload of youtube home made videos, that's what. Funny how strangers can make you laugh till your tummy aches, and suddenly they're your best friend because you are such an anti-social you'd just stay at home and watch youtube videos so you'd feel less lonely. Idiot.
I feel extremely lazy. Yeppserooni. That's what you get for being a... human being. The Lazy Plague. it's completely incurable. It affects your self-esteem, also would paralyze your ability to walk from the living room to the freakin' kitchen, and the next thing you know, you're a freakin' whale. Yepserooni.

Oh yeahs, ignore that schtoopid last post, that was just me being not me.   okthxbai. 

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  1. long post . but this one is an exception