Friday, June 24, 2011

a piece on shaheizy sam samad.



Kay, like, I don't even know why I intro-ed with DING KA-DING, as though somebody's won some award. Maybe cause SHAHEIZY SAM HAS WON MY HEART! Well not literally. He's this charming actor who's fairly new, although very well recognized. If I'm not mistaken, recently he nabbed the award for Best Actor of ( insert year here ).
I would say, buddy, you're set for life. Now just sit back and let the dough roll in.

Not only does he own the catchiest name in the acting industry ( SHAHEIZY SAM. SAY IT KA-GILLION TIMES YOU STILL WOULDN'T GET BORED OF HIS NAME ), there's a dangerous quality to him, and he's very, very charismatic, and such a talented actor.

Judging by his performance, from a fan's point of view, I could see that he's ultimately serious and truly passionate about what he does, which is acting. He is able to adapt to his character, both physically and mentally; he's prepared! I'm just smitten with this guy- he just blows me away. He's in the major league now, bebeh! Alongside Que Haidar, Aaron Aziz, Pierre Andre, Farid-,
 No wait, Farid Kamil's very stereotypical when it comes to his performance as an actor. Not Cool.

Okay so anyway, back to Shaheizy Sam ( omg i love you so muchhhh ). I'm just waiting for more and more movies with Sam in it, I could just drool in the cinema *wipes drool*
Oh btw, look what I found on the net;

ugh disgraceful!
Somebody call English Patrol, we've got a serious case of bad writing going on here. Like, Major. I'm offended. If you're gonna write in English, why do you feel the need to translate it from Malay to English 'circle-circle'? (bulat bulat la..) This is just completely humiliating, for the person who wrote this crap, honestly, don't insist on writing this piece, if you're unsure of the correct translation, you ignorant fool.

That's it for now, I guess. My fascination over Shaheizy Sam, Hero Malaya. *gelak besar*

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