Friday, September 17, 2010

Spain's Victory.

Congratulations SPAIN, on your World Cup victory. It was a fair match, between you and the Orange Troops, because they were horrifyingly good. Congratulations, once again, to the Spanish heroes. Although your victory was short-lived after a shocking 4-1 defeat against the Argentines in Buenos Aires, recently. Be that as it may, Viva Espana, you have successfully and undeniably realized the dreams and fantasies of past Spanish footballers, who's only target was to bring home the World Cup trophy. Decades of training, tears, hope and determination have finally paid off. Now they walk, no, they parade home with such extravagance, now they come home not only with huge smiles plastered on their gleaming faces, but with the World Cup trophy in their grasps. Espanyol's heroes have returned home. I can't get enough of saying it, it's already been two freaking months, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it again, one last time. Congratulations, SPAIN!

Flashback Momentos;

And there's Andres Iniesta's winning goal.

''Dani Jarques - Siempre Con Nosotros''
'Dani Jarques - Always With Us'

So in an act of celebratory, he took his jersey off to unveil a white shirt with writings on it. He went running towards the side of the field, with his teammates huddling around him. The chants were loud and clear; ''VIVA ESPANYOL! VIVA ESPANYOL!'' I would know, because I was like a crazy person when he scored this particularly memorable goal.

Funny, I don't remember an action scene in the middle of the match? Oh yeah, the infamous side kick. Even this was worth it; Nigel De Jong flashing his insecurity and mad Kung Fu skills. Did he have to take it out on poor Xabi Alonso? But then again, if it were a one on one Kung Fu match, I'm pretty sure we could all predict who would win by a landslide.

Fernando Torres y David Villa
Two of my faaaaaavorite players! Very awesome to see them both together.

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