Friday, June 5, 2009

Sunshine vol.2

Life goes on. Whether or not your heart wishes to stay, you must carry on. We can't live in the past, otherwise how can we ever build our future? Says them. 

I like to look at things differently. I compare the present and the past. And what's to come, remains a mystery, which is not up to us to decide, how things are supposed to be like. But then again, don't we all? Of course.

My heart's pinned somewhere, I'd leave it. hm, now don't we all? I guess not ey? ain't weird.. i'm so used to it, so used to getting caught up in something thats genuinely beautiful, and then that one kinda emotion would roll in. 

I'd feel, empty, lonely, invinsible. But at the same time, I'd analyze things, all from different point of views, and then instantly, everything becomes clear and understandable. 

It's a way of cleansing my intellectual capabilities. 

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