Friday, June 19, 2009

My friends. My family. My Life.

I miss my high school friends. Crazy who used to bug me all the time. Well, people around me.. I miss my classmates.. I still remember our handsome class monitor, Yap Kee Wing. He has the Korean look that everybody's going crazy about. Not too fair, not too sepet. ;) His gang, Andy Koh supposedly the Leader of the pack, then we've got Chee Yuen, Chun Yip, Kok Leong, Min Keat, Chun Nien, Ee Chian, Vincent Tan, and Royce. Not to forget, Kekwa's assistant to Kee Wing, Jia Man with her own posies, Foong Tiang, Xiu Ying, In Rou, Sook Ling, and Lai Yoke. Jia Man would always get it from our favourite BM teacher, Pn Nora. hahar, she got it alright...  

And then there's Nandini, she's always doing her business with Noreen and Jadida. They're pretty good when it comes to accounting, it's always been they're fave. And in the corner, the nerds, Jen Soon and her boyfriend, Gabrielle, along with his best friend, Hui Qian and Isaac Oong.  

And then there's me with my own posies. hahaha. much? 

Herri, Emir, Naz, Amirul. Those four are always getting demerits, skipping classes. I suppose Herri thinks he's the cooler one with the shades and the " I'm Trouble " look going on.. haha, but the lot of us always get the idea that he's a wimp, 'cause sometimes, he gets bullied by the class. hahaha.. that's the way we roll. Emir was always around with Herri. hahaha, he tries soo hard to get into trouble but whenever he does, he almost always never makes it alive. Always caught by the school's finest, Pn Zubaidah. One tight slap, and he runs back to class. hahaha. The Lads didn't save 'em. ROFL.

I spent most of my time in class either sleeping or eating or reading. Never studying, I know. Occasionally.  :)  I've got my own Lads. And I love 'em to death. 

My Tujuh Bersaudara+1.


They're the best (one of the best) things that's ever happened to my life. They helped me a lot, and I owe them. Thanks guys. 

u guys still suck tho. hahahahar!

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