Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nads' 18th.

I'm kinda new at this. Friends told me I should get one, so, am on it now. They say its an addiction, but, I dont usually write a lot, just when I need to or have to I'll spend hours writing. Okay so, celebrated Nads' birthday yesterday, and it was a ball! The Gang gathered at Secret Recipe. Was supposed to be a surprise, till some nobody told her the surprise lunch. Stupid girl, who couldnt understand 'Surprise Lunch'.  Regardless, we had fun, and Nads fell in love with the present we bought her, which is a huggable teddy bear, now called Baby Charming. The lot of us made her feed small, bite-sized cake to each and everyone of us,  at first she was reluctant to do it, but hey, its what we call tradition.. So she had to go 'round the adorable and cute! Had a blast there, we should hang out more often every Fridays, guys.. 


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